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Payment Methods

Payment methods accepted and installment plans details.

Payment method accepted.

We process our payments through Shopify, Stripe, and PayPal. These methods can accept all major credit and debit cards.

Ways to pay.

You can reserve pre-orders in one of two ways, you can either purchase the item at full cost or if you prefer, you can place a deposit on the item pay the balance over monthly installment plans. This is most popular method used by customers on pre-orders.

Pay In full

This option uses a standard checkout using either PayPal or Shopify payments as the card processor. Once in stock your item will be shipped

Payment plan

This option uses which can be selected during check out. To check out select and select installment plan. This will automatically make payment every month for your item until a the balance is paid in full. Once you have completed the final and should your item be in stock it will promptly be dispatched.

What is is a powerful payment plan software full of features that allows a single business user to easily manage thousands of active payment plan. Customers can select this method during checkout which allows them to purchase items they really want over a period of months, once they have made all monthly installment payments their purchase will be dispatched.